3 Tools for Promotion of HR-brand

3 Tools for Promotion of HR-brand

In a constantly changing market conditions updating the internal and external image of the employer-company is very important. Getting the best experience, reimagining it in the context of the company and making a leap forward is what market leaders do while continuously leaving their competitors behind. And CleverControl knows at least 3 different ways to efficiently work with the employer brand, all of which has been proved successful in the practice of major companies.

Organizing business incubator, which realizes the potential of employees during development of new creative projects.

This idea was implemented by a Russian company "BioVitrum". The results of this project were forthcoming. Employees of the company who shared its mission and values with the help of business incubators have created more than 10 large-scale projects, each of which takes into account the interests and needs of both customers and employees. This project allowed conducting training events throughout Russia free of charge and attracting the world's leading experts in the training of Russian employees.

Secret Service. Customers become part of the company: they take part in the production and corporate life, such as festivals and competitions.

This success story is owned by AmRest. The project has helped in keeping a high percentage of sales in relation to the previous year, even in comparison with competitors (sales growth of 12% in the base business), receiving funds from investors for the company's growth, and improving employee engagement.

And, finally, the creation of super-recruiting fashion tool such as employees’ LookBook.

The company "Two Chopsticks" knows how to achieve stunning results with this tool. According to a survey of retail employees, 89% are satisfied with their own job, 73% of employees of the company Fashion House would recommend it to their friends as an employer. Turnover in the first two weeks of internship of a new retail employee has decreased by 37%, and the training of a new employee now lasts 1 month instead of 3, however by the end of the internship new employee reaches average earnings of an experienced employee. And the performance of coaches has tripled.

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