Webcam Video

CleverControl can engage computer’s webcam to periodically make video recordings

  • Get recordings of everything in camera’s field of view
  • Time stamped recordings
  • By Timer recordings for maximum coverage

How can this feature be useful?

No matter how small your office is, it still often needs surveillance for security, especially when said office is used for client meetings and many people can enter it without any ID. Surveillance systems can be quite expensive, but with CleverControl you can use what you already have to get yourself a simple but effective system. Just connect a webcam and set up recordings in the program and you can see everything that happens in your office. Additionally, webcam recordings can be used to provide evidence in internal incidents investigations.

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You are hereby informed that by using software like CleverControl monitoring software on computers or other devices that you are not properly authorized to use is considered to be a breach of US federal and state laws. Authorization implies that you have to only install such monitoring software on devices that you rightfully own or with rightful owner’s permission and you also must properly inform all users of the device on which you install such software that they are subjected to monitoring. Failing to comply with the above mentioned conditions can result in law violation and may lead to monetary and criminal penalties. You should consult with your law advisor about legality of using CleverControl software in your jurisdiction before downloading and using it. CleverControl software is only intended for the purposes of employee monitoring. It cannot be employed to monitor a person without his/her knowledge and permission.