Real-time Live Monitoring

With feature in CleverControl all collected data is available to you not only in retrospect but in real time.

Instantly see employees’ screens in Live Panel

Watch screens as if you are sitting in front of them

Monitor up to 16 screens at the same time

How can this feature be useful?

Standing over employees’ shoulder is not effective and practically not possible in a company, no matter how big or small it is. But you do need to check on them from time to time to see how well and quickly they perform their tasks. This can be especially crucial for your new staff members, as they sometimes need help and guidance at the start.

With CleverControl you can always see what any of your employees do during working time at any given moment. Live Viewing allows you to see if tasks that you give are being understood and done.

Apart from live monitoring of computer screens, CleverControl also includes the Live Webcam feature. In your account, you can see the live feed from all webcams connected to the employees’ computers. This feature can help to save on video surveillance for small remote offices and keep track of visitors in the office.

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