5 Amazing Free Employee Monitoring Software for Your Company


Free Employee Monitoring Software Employee monitoring software has been known as one of the most important monitoring tools in a company. Employee monitoring software refers to an application of PC that is used to monitor the activity of the employee or staff of the company. This software is used to supervise and monitor staff PCs from a centralized computer. The main objective of this software is to make sure that all of the staffs are productively doing their job during working hours. Usually, this software has several features, like: ‘timeline logging of events’, which shows all activities performed by staffs on their workplaces in a well-organized list; ‘monitoring button’, which records the keys typed by the staff on the keyboard; ‘application usage’, which tracks all applications used in a PC by the staff. If you are looking for great and free employee monitoring software for your business, you should check these one out.
  1. SurveilStar Activity Monitor
This employee monitoring software is easy to use and it can be utilized for activity monitoring for individual PC. The features of this software are including: managing received and sent email and http webmail; Tracing uploaded and downloaded FTP files; filtering unwanted websites, tracking and recording websites visited with titles, time, URLs, and sizes; creating statistics on visited websites, mail history and FTP files. This software also an undetectable surveillance tool for employee monitoring system.
  1. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor
This software offers high performance and stability both for small and over large networks. The features of this employee monitoring software are including: monitoring employee’s performance, tracking what applications the employees use on their PC and what website they browse, check any kind of activities that are done by the staff during working hours, and protect any violation made against policies.
  1. ActivTrak
This software is one of the best employee monitoring software that has special features, such as: providing track usage statistic for website and applications history; monitoring employees’ activities in a scree in the real time; blocking employees for browsing certain sites; and recording screenshots. Besides, using this software allows you to be secured from network rights. Thus, only selected people who have right to access ActivTrak data.
  1. Keylogger
This software provides you some benefits, such as password and chat monitoring, website tracking, screenshot features, and keylogging. This software has broad keylogging capability since it can capture the keys typed on the keyboard for documents, emails, chats, and passwords. After tracking all of the data, it then stores the data into the hard drive so you can use it again anytime later.
  1. MyTeam Monitor
If you need a great employee monitoring software that will help you to ensure the productivity of your staff during their worktime, then this software will be appropriate for you. This software provides you several great features such as: recording staff activity, tracking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, capturing regular screenshots. Moreover, this software can be great for virtual groups. Another great thing is it doesn’t need any servers or IT. Those are 5 great software for your employee monitoring system. Although all of the software are free, they offer great benefits that will help you to optimize your staff’s productivity.