15 Types of Subordinates Bosses Love: Part 2


15 Types of Subordinates Bosses Love: Part 2

The first part of the article is available here

So, what kind of employees do managers and executives prefer to work with? CleverControl asked the experts.

9. The punctual

Raymond Tran, CEO of Bridge Ex:

“It all depends on whom you have to work with. It is clear that you will not expect the same from a designer and a chief accountant. I work more with accountants, auditors, specialists in HR and expect from them in the first place, discipline, punctuality, responsibility, ability to plan their day and do the work in time. For any employer, the person who comes to work on time and does not miss deadlines is the best expert. Oddly enough, for creative professionals these same qualities are also very desirable.

If a person works with soul and creative approach, he or she could be forgiven for deviation from the schedule or for being late to work, but if he or she is also punctual, such employee is just priceless!”

10. Valuable professionals

Robert Bell, senior consultant of the Consulting center Step Seek:

“Is there really a need to invoke a “special relationship” with management, especially feelings such as adoration and love? The bosses are the people too with different tastes and preferences. Unfortunately, their relationships with subordinates are not always based on the latter’s performance and qualifications. Tell me who your favorite employee is and I will tell you what kind of a boss you are. Usually, it is immature people with deep emotional problems who look for love in business relations. Or they are consciously aimed at a “relationship” with the boss. Although, the line between love and hate is quite thin.

In short, if you aspire to the career growth and the professional success it is better (and safer) to be a valued employee but not an adored one.”

11. The growing along with the boss (and outgrowing the boss)

George Ellis, Executive Director of Eco Triple:

“I’m especially happy with the subordinates’ ability not just to be performers and passively complete their tasks but to improve existing areas of their work, develop them, offer new solutions, and take responsibility. Activity and independence are what you need from any employee nowadays. This kind of employees get promoted, grow together with the companies’ leaders, and sometimes reach the same level and grow into partners.”

12. The even stevens

Christopher Carpenter, head of corporate communications at You Outsourcing: 

“It is worth emphasizing that we are talking about the professional qualities of employees and not about the personal preferences of managers.

Firstly, it should be responsible, punctual, and sufficiently independent employees. The superior, in fact, delegates part of his or her work to a subordinate. Secondly, they should be not afraid to ask questions. Self-reliance is important but sometimes it’s better to ask a more experienced colleague. Thirdly, they should be not afraid to argue and express an alternative point of view. Honesty and the ability to adequately assess the strength are very important. It is better to say that you don’t have time to finish the work on time and inform the manager about the new deadline than to promise to finish the time and then come up with excuses.”

13. The polite

Kimberly Bryant, Executive Director of Dare Exchange:

“What types of subordinates are loved by bosses? They are initiative, proactive, diligent, and polite. At the same time, the desire to develop and learn, the ability to concentrate and focus on the tactical task, and the talent to plan the work time and complete tasks allow you to inspire the special treatment from the boss.”

14. The demanding (to themselves and to the boss)

Cheryl Castro, a managing partner and a certified business coach at Timer Corp:

“Boss or Manager like the employees who:

– are not afraid to ask questions; questions should be associated with the tasks;

– share the ideas of the company;

– demand help from the manager, if the task depends on this manager;

The employee should not be silent if something is not clear or he or she cannot complete a task. The employee should not bring up a problem but offer options/solutions to it should be able to take responsibility within the framework of the job description.”

15. “The soul of the company”

Paul Munoz, the head of HR Department at Urban Honest:

“Before answering these questions, we need to realize one simple truth: the manager is just a regular employee with the company assigned tasks for which he or she is responsible. For a good manager subordinates are a kind of a tool with which he or she can either succeed or “fail the mission”.

Therefore, subordinates are often required to be diligent, loyal to the manager, and constructive. These are the qualities which greatly facilitate the work of the team and accelerate the achievement of results. 

If you delve into the matter, to the list of the most valuable qualities you can add the initiative, when the employee goes beyond the mere execution of tasks, offering new ways and methods of achieving the best results. This can be expected not only from an experienced employee but also from an invested one. Important in the work of the team is the presence of “the soul of the company” – the person who improves the internal atmosphere in the team, contributing to the improvement of personal relationships among employees, which, ultimately, affects the productivity of the entire Department.”

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